Raise the roof for raised events! (Ugh, that was horrible I know, but the best I could come up with!)

First, open AxurePreviousNextButtons.rp and open the "Previous/Next Links" master from the Masters pane.


This opens the master for editing in the design area.

Select the "<< PREVIOUS" widget in the design area and add a case to the OnClick event. This opens the Case Editor dialog.

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In the Case Editor, add the action to "Raise Event", located at the very bottom of the actions list.

In the far right pane, select the checkbox next to the OnPreviousClick event.

Open Page 2 from the Sitemap pane. We've already added the Previous / Next Link master to the page, so select the master in the design area. You'll notice OnPreviousClick appears in the Interactions tab, just like any other interaction event.


Add a case to the OnPreviousClick event to "Open Link" and choose Page 1.

Going back to the master, do the same thing on the Next link as we did with the Previous link. Add an OnClick case, add the Raise Event action and select the event called OnNextClick.

Return to Page 2, select the master in the design area, and add a case to the OnNextClick case to "Open Page 3 in Current Window".


If you add this master to other pages, you'll see that you can add different cases to the OnPreviousClick and OnNextClick events to perform different actions. And if you decide to change the look of the links or rename "Previous" to "Back", you'll only have to edit it once in the master!


Step 1: Open Previous/Next Links master

Step 2: Add OnClick

case to Previous link

Step 3: Add action

to "Raise Event"

Step 4: Select raised event OnPreviousClick

Step 5: Open Page 2, add case to OnPreviousClick

Step 6: Add OnClick

case to Next link

Step 7: Open Page 2,

add case to OnNextClick

RAISED EVENTS TUTORIAL Previous/Next Link Master

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