Inline frames can be used to include any external html content into your prototype, but they are particularly useful for embedding videos from sites like YouTube and Vimeo and maps like Google Maps. The trickiest part is just getting the URL from those sites. A video and map example are included in the, double-click the inline frame to see the URL that the iframe is pulling in.



Embed Video

Embed Maps

Using the right URL in your inline frame is critical! Look for the iframe tag, snag the URL after src=, and hook that puppy up!

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Most video hosting services like Vimeo and YouTube give you an embed code that allows you to put the video on your website. You can take the URL in those embed codes and load them in the inline frame widget to embed them in your prototypes.

Embed web video from YouTube or Vimeo.

Google Maps can be embedded directly into your website prototype using the inline frame widget. In the Google Maps interface, click the gear icon at the bottom of the page, select "Share and embed map", switch to the "Embed map" tab, and then copy the embed code. Pull the URL out of the code and use that as the URL to load into the inline frame widget.

You might have to click an additional button like the one above that says "Embed". The code you are looking for will start with "<iframe".  Copy the entire embed code.

Copy embed code

that includes iframe

Copy the embed code that includes iframe.

Return to Axure and double-click the inline frame widget on the design area. Click the radio button for "Link to an external URL or file" and paste in the embed code.


Then, delete all of the code except the URL, which is usually right after "src=". Make sure your URL begins with http://, see the above example for what the Youtube embed code looks like when correctly inserted into the inline frame.

Remove all of the

code except the URL

Remove all code except for the URL.

First, open Website-InlineFrame.rp from the Open the Build Your Own page.


Navigate to the video (YouTube) or map site that you want to embed into your website prototype. If it's a map, you can search for the desired location.

Go to the video

or map location

Go to the video or map location.

To get the iframe embed code, find the button that says share, embed, or hyperlink. In Google Maps, the button has a hyperlink icon.

Click Share or Hyperlink

Click the share or hyperlink button.



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Embed Video & Maps Tutorial

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